copyright 2009.

Artist's Statement

I am a painter, working in a variety of media: oil, ink and collage on canvas. Inspired by the East Galway
landscape my painting and drawings capture the effects that man, time and change have had on our rural
landscape. New houses are being built beside abandoned homesteads, our farming population is dwindling
and increasingly, country dwellers have little connection to the land. This begs us to consider what the
future holds for rural communities and how we utilise the land.

Starting with ink drawings and then applying oil paint results in delicate and calm paintings that are
sympathetic to the lonliness of neglected homes. I often begin with an image of a man-made object found
in the country fields or gaps, revealing the casual interference of man with nature. Mixing realistic and abstract
images creates a tension within the picture, mirroring those we currently find between nature and
communities. Polka dots and spots also appear in my work; they began as berries and apples but gradually
became elements representing growth and rejuvenation; seeds of hope.